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We want to change the label of ‘greenie’!


We are working to create a new normal - where we’re all more mindful about our limited resources, where reusables become the norm and plastic pollution is the distant past.

Our mission is to inspire and empower our community to rethink (or reduce) waste, phase out single-use plastic and end plastic pollution of our environment through small, deliberate, everyday actions.


We’re accelerating the Peninsula’s transition to a circular economy by working with business, community and individuals to develop a sustainable, regenerative economy beyond zero-waste.

We created Waste Wise Peninsula to:


  • Provide a hub to share tips, tricks and inspiration to be more mindful about our resources and live a more sustainable life.

  • Facilitate a community space where we can connect and learn from each other

  • Celebrate changemakers who challenge the status quo and work hard to make a meaningful difference on the Peninsula.


Our goals:

  • Overall reduction in waste - ‘towards zero landfill’

  • The phase out of fossil-fuel based single-use plastics

  • Sustainable packaging throughout supply chains

  • Best practise recycling rates and better quality recycling streams

  • Ending litter and plastic pollution of our bays and the broader environment

  • Composting of food waste and compostable packaging

  • Kicking off the Peninsula’s circular economy

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