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1.  To sign up 50+ food outlets as members of the program.

2.  A 50% reduction in the number of the identified single-use plastic packaging used by members.

3.  To provide information and data to help inform the phasing out of specified single-use plastics

Our goals


How it works

Our main focus is on reducing six problematic single-use plastic items often found in the litter stream. These items are: water bottles, straws, coffee cups/lids, takeaway containers, food ware (cutlery, plates, cups etc.) and plastic bags. 

Food retail businesses join as a member and we assist them to reduce (with view to eliminating) these single-use plastic items, replacing them with reusable or compostable alternatives. We address barriers that commonly prevent businesses from successfully transitioning, and make the switch as easy and straightforward as possible. 

Those businesses who significantly reduce their plastic use can become certified by us as 'Plastic Free Champions'.


Local partnerships

We're working with local and state governments, product suppliers and distributors, commercial composters, waste service providers, traders associations, environment groups, tourism bodies and media outlets to deliver real solutions to businesses and to promote their achievements. 

Measuring our success

The success of the plan is measured by the number of businesses who sign up to the program, and the amount of plastic items removed from use by our members.

We obtain ordering data from members and calculate how many plastic items they have eliminated since starting the program. 

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