We’re thrilled you’re here! If you’re wanting to step into a future without tons of waste and litter trashing our local hood, you’ve come to the right place.

Waste Wise Peninsula is a community of people from all walks of life, passionate about a clean and healthy place to live and play.


We collaborate to encourage positive change on the Pen by reducing waste, ending single-use plastic and eliminating pollution from our bays.

We showcase all things ethical and sustainable, share practical ideas, skills and resources and connect you with inspiring people who make a difference.


We’re super passionate about supporting local business and proudly feature those who are committed to making the Pen a better place.




We're a positive, empowering forum without judgement or guilt. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and have plenty of laughs along the way. We acknowledge that we're all starting somewhere and are at different stages of our waste wise journeys. If you’re already well underway, we’d love for you to share what you’ve learned so we can all take a few shortcuts. If you’re just starting out, take a few small steps, do what’s possible for you and feel free to check in any time.


“We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef.





Growing up in Germany, Birte was exposed to an environmentally conscious society from an early age. She found her calling in her early teens after witnessing the effects of a stranded oil tanker on local wildlife and started cleaning beaches and writing to politicians (with not much success!) She’s always worked in the sustainability sector and has spent many years working with ecotourism businesses, not-for-profits and protected area management agencies in Australia and abroad. When Birte moved to the Mornington Peninsula a few years ago, she was shocked to see the level of local plastic pollution and the huge amount of waste we are sending to landfill. She felt that she needed to do more to help leave the Pen in the best shape possible for her young boys Henri & Max and generations to come. She co-founded Waste Wise Peninsula, runs beach cleans with Beach Patrol Australia and collaborates with community groups and schools to support conservation initiatives. She's also the owner of SEED.Sustainability Solutions, working with government and businesses to deliver sustainability solutions.



Amy has always been an avid nature lover and from a young age cared greatly for the environment. She was bought up in a family who tried their best to recycle and reduce waste, and those lessons taught her how individuals can make a difference. When Amy became a mother to Evie & Julian, her passion and desire to make lasting change for future generations ignited. She began a personal journey to eliminate toxins from her home and reduce her household's impact on the environment. That journey opened the door for Amy to extend her impact into the local community to make a bigger difference. Amy is a group leader of Beach Patrol Mount Martha, which collected over 670 kgs of litter within its first year of operation. She is passionate about supporting an organisation that shows the impact individuals have within their communities. Recently Amy was involved in the successful container deposit scheme campaign in Victoria while working with Boomerang Alliance. Amy's motto is 'progress not perfection' and she hopes to inspire others to make better choices for people and planet.