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Guide to reusable cups & containers

By accepting reusables at your venue, not only are you reducing waste, but you’re also reducing packaging costs and improving your eco reputation to boot! Many Peninsula locals and visitors seek out businesses doing the right thing. If you’re not on board, you could be falling behind.


The Victorian Government allows the use of reusables during Covid-19, referring advice on this matter to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, which states:

'It is up to the business if they accept reusable cups. Businesses should have a policy around how they accept reusable cups and cleaning and sanitising arrangements when accepting them. Businesses are under no obligation to accept dirty cups. Personal and equipment hygiene must be maintained at all times'.


  • Accept clean reusable cups and containers. You can wash before using it, or utilise a barrier while handling.

  • Offer a BYO discount or reward.

  • Sell reusables and offer the first refill free or discounted.

  • Do a contactless exchange - a safe option with no risk to your patrons or staff.


These appeal to people who wish to do the right thing but often forget to BYO. They reduce your costs on disposables, encourage repeat customers and support a healthier planet. Plus, as you wash all vessels that are returned, you can be assured assured of their cleanliness.

  • Start a mug library. Set up a place to store mugs (e.g. a basket or wall hanging) and if a customer forgets their cup, they can borrow one and bring it back. Mugs can be donated by locals or sourced from op shops.

  • Join a reusable swap 'n' go cup and container network. These replace single-use items with reusable solutions that are borrowed. There are a number of different networks available - including free options. Find the right one for you and your customers HERE.


  • Train your staff to encourage your customers to BYO and participate in swap networks.

  • Utilise signage - download some great signs HERE.

  • Promote your BYO policy on social media and in-store.

  • Encourage customers to dine-in by offering incentives, such as wifi, newspapers, comfortable seating, dine-in rewards/ discounts etc.


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