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Bringing back BYO

Our global community has entered into very uncertain times. To ensure small businesses can bounce back, many have adapted to provide more takeaway services.

While necessary, this has unfortunately led to a dramatic increase in the quantity of disposable items entering landfills and sadly, the natural environment.

We all know that reusables are the best option to curb plastic pollution and waste, so you may be asking yourself...

Can reusables exist in a time of coronavirus? 

The short answer is a definite ‘YES’!!

The Victorian Government allows the use of reusables during Covid-19, stating in their Hospitality FAQ’s:

‘Businesses can accept reusable cups. Some cafés are also adopting a ‘contactless pour’ technique which means that the only person to touch the reusable cup is the person who brought it into the café. Businesses are under no obligation to accept dirty cups and must follow other COVIDSafe principles such as practising good hygiene".

Over 125 scientists from 19 countries have signed a statement assuring retailers and consumers that reusables are safe. The statement emphasises that disposable products are not safer than reusables and that reusable systems can be utilised safely during the pandemic.

"Based on the best available science and guidance from public health professionals, it is clear that reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene".

Viruses and bacteria can exist on both single-use and reusables alike. Normal dishwashing practices can remove the virus from reusables - the same cannot be said for single-use packaging, which usually cannot be washed.

So we're on a mission to bring back reusables... starting with coffee cups

I am a coffee loving patron - what can I do to help bring back BYO?

Before we jump in, let’s acknowledge the enormous challenges our small businesses and their staff have been experiencing over the past months. While we want to bring reusables back, we respect that circumstances are different for every venue.

With that in mind, we encourage you to politely ask your favourite cafe about reusables, without pressuring them. 

You can also visit a confirmed 'BYO Friendly' cafe - see our BYO Directory.

Here are our top tips for a respectful conversation:  

  • Ask if they are currently allowing BYO cups. If not, respectfully ask if they are aware reusables are allowed and that many cafes are still providing this option. If they are interested in fiding out more, please share the information provided on this site. 

  • If your favourite venue is ready to reintroduce (or has never stopped using) reusables, we encourage you to print off this poster and ask them if you can pop it up for them. This is often more effective than leaving it with them, as most have very busy schedules and may not get around to it. 

  • Share the below video via facebook and instagram. You may like to tag specific venues to celebrate that they are embracing reusables. Share some happy snaps of having a coffee in a reusable cup and remember to use the #BYOcup tag. 

  • ‘Go topless’ and ask for your coffee without a lid! Thousands of coffee lids go to landfill every day. If your cafe does not accept reusables just yet and you want to remain loyal, start reducing single-use plastic by saying no to a lid. 

Want to do even more? Contact our team and help champion our reusables campaign!


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